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The LED Zodiac Keychain is truly an remarkable gift for yourself and friends & family! [SCROLL DOWN TO READ YOUR HOROSCOPE & READ THE REVIEWS!] KEY BENEFITS:   Promotes high & clean energy Eliminate the bad energies from toxic environments such as work Perfect early gift for yourself or friends...

The LED Zodiac Keychain is truly an remarkable gift for yourself and friends & family!




  • Promotes high & clean energy
  • Eliminate the bad energies from toxic environments such as work
  • Perfect early gift for yourself or friends & family
  • Complete portability & reliability. It fits anywhere and lasts for a lifetime!

*Each keychain is made with grace using laser engraving technology. Carefully and meticulously crafting beautiful zodiac signs into a crystal prism.



You can quickly become distracted from routine matters today, dear Scorpio, and should probably indulge a need for fantasy, entertainment, or healthy escapism if you can manage it. This is due to a Sun-Neptune quincunx that requires some adjustments before we get back on track. You might wrestle with some restlessness until you acknowledge the need to check in with your intuition. At a moment’s notice, you may not feel as clear about your next step or on how to wrap something up. This is temporary and a signal to slow down. In fact, with a New Moon occurring tomorrow, you’d do well to wind down and regroup tonight. While it can be difficult getting into a comfortable rhythm in the first half of the day, you’ll find your groove as the day progresses.


Your social life has been picking up the pace recently, dear Sagittarius, and there is more of this to come, but there may be a misunderstanding or some off-timing that could leave you feeling a little insecure today. People, groups, or relationships that you have been idealizing could prove a bit disappointing, or people-pleasing begins to get on your nerves! Inconsistencies or procrastination about matters in your home or personal life can wear you down, leaving you feeling vaguely guilty or restless. While you’re not yet gaining clarity (wait until after tomorrow’s New Moon for that), you will feel far less conflicted as the day advances. Consider ways to feed the need for imaginative or creative activities and give your mind a rest.


There may be some doubt about a belief or idea, or perhaps a course of study today, dear Aquarius, as the Sun in your spirit sector forms an awkward angle with Neptune. Uncertainty about where you stand, practical matters, or money can be part of the equation now. Try not to take lousy timing to heart. In fact, it can be challenging for most people to find a comfortable rhythm in the first half of the day. While later today, life is not necessarily more straightforward, you’re less likely tortured by choices! It’s important to honor your needs for imagination, daydreaming, and spiritual sustenance, since ignoring them can lead to a distracted or restless state. Take time to unwind and regroup.


Communications might go awry today with the Sun in awkward aspect to Neptune, dear Leo, or there can be a minor disconnect with a sibling, neighbor, or classmate. A dream or plan can hit snags. Even if something no longer appears viable, you’re likely to get over this hump after making some adjustments. Take a lesson from whatever may go wrong now, and resolve to plan better going forward. You could also be teetering between wanting to keep things light and straightforward, and craving more depth and meaning from your interactions today. Part of you wants to get the job done, but another part is seeking out more depth and meaning. There could be difficulty concentrating. Enthusiasm may take a dip, but this is temporary. As well, it’s likely a signal that you need to regroup and rest or take a break from overthinking. Signs are everywhere that you need to take into better account your need to escape or take a detour from the usual routine.


While tomorrow’s New Moon is likely to bring you take-charge energy for your work and health routines, dear Taurus, in the first half of today, uncertainty is possible in these very areas. This is temporary and a cue to take a break. If you feel overworked or underappreciated, take care of your own affairs or put them on hold until you feel the pleasure of certainty return. There may be a vague sense that something’s off or you’ve missed something, and you can be especially sensitive to imbalances in your love or social life, but it’s important not to let insecurities obscure your perceptions. As the day advances, you still don’t have all the answers, but you’re comfortable with this fact!


With the Sun and Neptune at odds today, dear Aries, you can have a distinct feeling that you’re missing something. This may be because you’ve forgotten to take care of your needs for rest, spirituality, and replenishment of spirit, particularly as this lack relates to your relationships. You are more sensitive than usual to imbalances in your environment and the body. Something from your past, confusing dreams, or a feeling that you’ve missed a deadline or responsibility can nag at you. It’s not the best time for making the big decisions, not only due to this aspect playing with our clarity, but also because this is the day before a New Moon, and this means it’s the end of a cycle. Instead, feel things out and make small adjustments. While this morning can be scattered energetically, as the day advances, things even out.


You may be feeling on the fence about a matter today, dear Gemini, and you can experience a bit of hesitation when it comes to expressing yourself openly and naturally. Your creative side begs for expression these days, and tomorrow’s New Moon will push that along, but today, you could be feeling some loss of motivation. It’s temporary and may only be a signal that you need a break that refreshes or extra rest. Try not to let confusion about your larger goals interfere with the enjoyment of the moment, and resolve, instead, to pay more attention to them going forward. Today is best for decompressing and winding down and handling small details or tying up loose ends at this time in the Moon phase cycle.


After tomorrow’s New Moon, you’ll feel more directed, particularly related to your life path, direction, goals, or career, dear Capricorn. Today, though, it’s better to decompress, wind yourself down, and take it easy. A minor challenging aspect between the Sun and Neptune today can leave you feeling vaguely guilty or uncertain. You may be doubting things temporarily, but this may only be a signal that you need a checkpoint, especially if you’ve been neglecting your need to feed your imagination. Feeling overwhelmed is temporary, and it’s a good idea to take time to recollect yourself. While there can be some off-timing to deal with in the first half of the day, you’ll not quite gain clarity as the day advances, but you’re less likely to torture yourself with choices!


It can be all too easy to distract you today, dear Virgo. Relationships can seem slightly out of sync, and differences in values or wavelengths are especially prominent. It may be time to decompress and regroup as the Sun and Neptune form an awkward angle, which serves to remind you of what you may have been missing. A partner’s behavior may serve to baffle you, or you can be craving a better connection with someone who might help you make some decisions and choices. As it stands, you may feel a little out of sync for the time being. It’s best to put overthinking on hold. The New Moon occurring tomorrow can redirect you, in fact. For now, you can feel a bit out of touch with your intuition, making it difficult to trust your instincts, but with some rest, you’ll figure things out. Avoid endlessly weighing the pros and cons of a situation, which keeps you in an uncomfortable (and unproductive) state of limbo and beware of self-deception in a relationship or with finances, which does nobody any good!


As a Moon cycle winds down, dear Cancer, it’s a good idea to take stock rather than push ahead. Generally speaking, it’s a good time for concentrating on family or a practical project, and these are great stress relievers now! However, you may be uncertain where you’re heading with them just yet, or you may feel the need to regroup as restlessness or uncertainty are likely, especially if you’ve been ignoring your needs for fantasy, imagination, and adventure in your life. It’s best not to make waves now as we prep for a New Moon that will occur tomorrow. Obligations to your domestic world can be at odds with a restless desire to strike out and do your own thing. Try to find a way to satisfy both needs, perhaps separately.


Tomorrow’s New Moon can set you on a new path with an empowered attitude, dear Pisces, but today is best for unwinding and perhaps accepting that you don’t have all the information you need to make final decisions. In fact, it can be challenging to focus on practical tasks today, as much as you’d like to, and it’s important to take time out for extra rest and reflection, not only because it’s the day before a New Moon, but also because the Sun forms a minor challenging aspect with Neptune in your sign. You may feel a little under the weather or demotivated temporarily, and this is a signal to regroup. You might choose to unwind or devote yourself to a cause or a learning opportunity. Don’t allow guilt to erode away your happiness. Timing will improve considerably in the coming week.


Relationships may have you feeling a little off-center in spots today, dear Libra. You’re likely experiencing a temporary lull that slows you down long enough to explore alternate routes and to make useful adjustments. If you feel you’re lagging, it may be a sign to redirect your energies temporarily. The Sun in your sign forms an awkward angle with Neptune today, and you could feel a little put upon or dissatisfied with your current projects or work. There could be a feeling of being undervalued or even undercut, but this is temporary. Feeling under the weather may be a signal that you’re not listening to your needs for more imagination in your life. It may be time for some rest and reflection. Do what you can to clear your head, as tomorrow the New Moon occurs, and it happens in your sign! This is a time for making personal resolutions.


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